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The Mark & Logotype

The Enjoy Illinois logo is made up of a Mark and the Logotype. At times the mark may appear on its own, but the Logotype must always be accompanied by the Mark.

The "Mark" (shown in Illinois Blue)

Enjoy Color

Pantone 425 C0 M0 Y0 K80 R88 G89 B91 #58595b

Illinois Color

Pantone Cool Grey C0 M0 Y0 K60 R128 G130 B133 #808285

The "Logotype"

(2 colors, see above)

Versions, Minimum Sizes & Clear Space

The logo exists in four variants, and only these designs should be used. To ensure the logos stand out beautifully, please review the guidelines below on minimum size and clear space.Each version is available in 4-color, 4-color reversed, all black, and all white.

Primary Vertical

Minimum size: 1.25" or 125px wide Clear space: The width of the “O” in the word Enjoy

Secondary Vertical

Minimum size: .5” or 50px wide Clear space: The width of the “O” in the word Enjoy

Primary Horizontal

Minimum size: 1.75” or 175px wide Clear space: The width of the “O” in the word Enjoy

Secondary Horizontal

Minimum size: .75” or 75px wide Clear space: The width of the “O” in the word Enjoy

Reversed Version

We also provide a collection of reversed-out logos, useful for dark background colors and photos.

The "Mark" (shown in Illinois Blue)

"Logotype" Color

White C0 M0 Y0 K0 R255 G255 B255

Color Palette

Illinois Blue is the primary color for our logo. You may also use a palette of secondary colors or a custom color. When choosing a color, be sure the color contrasts against the background. The logo is also available in 2 single-color options: black and white.

Primary Color

Illinois Blue

Pantone 3135 C70 M0 Y23 K0 R28 G190 B202 #1cbeca

Secondary Colors

Electric Blues

Pantone 273 C95 M100 Y0 K5 R56 G44 B139 #382c8b

Prairie Dawn

Pantone 1235 C0 M35 Y100 K0 R252 G175 B23 #fcaf17

Fairway Green

Pantone 382 C35 M0 Y100 K0 R175 G210 B53 #bfd730

Halsted Red

Pantone 226 C0 M100 Y40 K0 R236 G17 B100 #ec1164

Vineyard Violet

Pantone 2602 Y6 K0 0 B140

Lincoln’s Beard

Pantone Black C0 M0 Y0 K100 R0 G0 B0 #000000

December Snow

Pantone 5315 C10 M8 Y6 K0 R226 G225 B228 #e2e1e4

Best Practices

Consistent use of the Illinois logo is paramount in gaining instant recognition across all media channels. By avoiding the following treatments, the Illinois logo will remain clear, legible and instantly recognizable.


Provide enough clear space.


Use the logo at the minimum size or larger.


Create a custom color for the Mark.


Distort the logo vertically or horizontally.


Rotate the logo.


Fill in the script with a color.


Change the color of the Logotype.


Place the logo on a hard-to-read background.


Change the size relationship of the Mark and the Logotype.

Additional Partnership Guidelines

When working with the Illinois Office of Tourism as a partner, there are a few additional rules that apply, depending on the advertising medium.


Use the logo at the minimum size or larger. All display banners must link to a page where the Enjoy Illinois logo hyperlinks to All websites must include the Enjoy Illinois logo and link to for the first year from the beginning of funding.


Any version of the Enjoy Illinois logo can be used for TV. The logo must always be placed in the 4x3 title safe area and must be at least the minimum size. The logo is required to appear on-screen for at least three consecutive seconds.

Social & Mobile Ads

If you encounter space constraints when working with mobile and social media communications, then the brand does not have to be represented in the initial communication. Our logo, however, must appear on the ad’s click-through page and link to


When the Enjoy Illinois brand identity is used by a grantee in radio, it should be placed at the beginning or end of the advertisement and include words to the effect of: “brought to you by [sponsor] ... and Enjoy Illinois.” The announcer may be male or female. The delivery should be only in a calm, relaxing tone of voice.


Local Tourism & Convention Bureau Program

International Grant Program


Domestic Marketing & Advertising

International Marketing & Advertising