Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MPP)
For information call 217-557-1925

Provides matching grants to counties, municipalities and local not-for-profit organizations to promote tourism attractions and events in their areas, thus increasing hotel/motel occupancy and travel into and throughout the state.

Tourism Private Sector Program (TPS)
For information call 217-558-2886

The Tourism Private Sector Grant Program (TPS) can provide up to 50% of the eligible costs associated with attracting and hosting tourism events when the remaining 50% of the project cost is financed by private sector funds (i.e., non-government entities). TPS provides grants to Illinois not-for-profit organizations, for-profit entities, counties, municipalities and local promotion groups to match funds from sources in the private sector for the purpose of attracting and hosting tourism events. The intent of this program is to assist with costs associated with major events such as conventions, trade shows, sporting activities, and new or enhanced festivals that have the potential to attract visitors from outside a 50-mile radius and to produce significantly increased economic impact for the State of Illinois through overnight stays. Total project costs (grant and match) must be a minimum of $20,000.

Tourism Attraction Development Program (TAP)
For information call 217-558-2886

Provides grants to counties, municipalities, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations to asset in the development and improvement of tourist attractions in Illinois, thus increasing hotel/motel stays and providing economic impact for the state.

International Tourism Grant Program
For information call 312-814-2637

In accordance with the International Tourism Program, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers a grant program to assist Illinois communities in coordinating and promoting their international tourism efforts. These grants are intended to help certified local tourism and convention bureaus generate overnight stays and promote travel throughout the State of Illinois, impacting economic growth on an international level.

This grant is available only to certified Illinois local tourism and convention bureaus and regional tourism development offices, as recognized by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Local Tourism and Convention Bureau Program (LTCB)
For information call 217-785-6351

Provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants to certified local tourism and convention bureaus to enable them to conduct promotional activities designed to increase the number of business and pleasure travelers visiting their areas.